My First Blog at Hashnode

My First Blog at Hashnode

It had been a long day for me today, and it's almost 10 PM at night now and I'm just getting started on my side job. I have a day job of course, as a Full Stack developer. But on top of that, I have my side hustle that I'm doing. On one hand, I can really use the additional income. On the other, I've got to work on a different stack than what I'm doing on my day job, which is awesome!

In my opinion, you have to have a side hustle to keep your passion going. And for me, it's in IT, specifically, in software development. And especially since I'm working on technologies that I haven't been working on before, that's a bonus just because not only am I having fun learning to do things in a "new" way, but that I can add those skills eventually to my resume.

I'll spill the beans now and for the record, in my day job, I support Microsoft stack, from applications that are still running on ASP Classic and a combination of ASP .NET running on the good ol' IIS. On the other hand, on my current project, I got this project from a previous client whom I did some work for whose project was ran on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Now, he wants to take the services offered by Amazon so now I have the opportunity to get to learn how to use AWS!

Moreover, unlike before where he pretty much knew what he wanted, this time it's more like a collaborative approach as to what are the best services in AWS that we can use in this project. On one hand, it's more of an exploratory approach. So I can basically check out what sounds interesting and try them out. But that of course, it's not just an exploratory project since we also do have some goals that we want to achieve.

Granted that I have to do this in my "free" time and that it has to be done after a long, grueling hours of my day job or a few hours before I go to work in the morning, but ... What will I be doing anyway? Watch TV? :D

It was unfortunate that when I was doing the GCP project that I didn't do any blogging. But I'm hoping that now that I have a platform such as Hashnode that I can write down what I've learnt and also still be learning while I am doing the project at the same time. So come join me as I make my journey into the AWS land and be sure to check out my subsequent articles as I publish them here!