My Story got Rejected by Hackernoon

Recently, I wanted to learn how to publish at Hackernoon but looking for the types of articles that are acceptable to be published are not easy. I've browsed for answers and also look at how others had published their articles. From the guideline I previously got, it said only that they will not publish anything offensive and disrespectful. Other than that, it's all fair game.

As a test case, I've uploaded one of my answer to Quora's question. And since it's relevant to programmers that it should be accepted. Apparently, I've got rejected. And after searching as to why articles got rejected at Hackernoon, I stumbled on this web page . As I got through each of the reasons that may be the reason as to why I got rejected, one of the reasons listed here as to why I was rejected is most probably: option B. "Article length should be at least 1000 words after editorial review".

But, since it took them four working days to review any stories to be accepted or rejected, they should also take the time to tell you as to why they rejected the stories instead of just saying they rejected them and not providing any reason as to why they rejected them. Some of us who want to actually write good stories need all the necessary inputs. And if they would actually tell us what they actually want, that would help us writers write the stories that can actually meet their requirements as well.

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