Cannot Add Hashnode to LinkedIn Profile

Funny thing, I tried add Hashnode to my profile in LinkedIn, just as how I did placed my Quora account on there so people can see what I am doing and have done online but somehow it doesn't want to get saved! At first I was thinking that it could be that I already have Quora under the "Other" category and since there are other categories:

  1. Personal
  2. Companies
  3. Blog
  4. RSS Feed
  5. Portfolio
  6. Other

I could place Hashnode on at least the Blog category. But it so happen that it not only does not want to save my profile (you just need to click 'Apply' for the setting to be saved), but it doesn't even show me any errors! I haven't figure out why it's not saving so I guess I just have to be contented to have announced my involvement in Hashnode in my LinkedIn post instead for now.

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